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Centyle in its vision to deliver Agrocare prosperity has been continuously upgrading its product portfolio and bringing products which are relatively safe, easily to use and safe for the health and environment.

What We Do

Our Products

Today we have various brands for the Biofertilizer category, 3 brands in the Probiotics category and innovative brands in the herbicide and fungicide category, more than 5 products in the biological category and 2 products within the animal feed segment.


Our products are manufactured under guidance of agricultural scientists and prominent experts. we work with strictest of quality, and are value for money to the farmers. Our research & development team carries out regular evaluation of the product to evaluate the result in actual field conditions. Here at Centyle we take care to take up demonstration and solve farmers problem through careful analysis of the crop specific environment, through our highly qualified and experienced field application scientists and development team.


It has been found that in most of the cases the farmers using our products have been able to increase their yield or save total crop failure through sagacious use of our Bio based crop protection, advised by our technical team. There are numerous examples where our people and products have made an enormous difference in the lives of the customer, through the four stanchion of rise which we stand for in Centyle – Accepting challenge, Dynamic thinking, Empowering countryman and Creating value.

We stock only the highest quality products from the most respected rural producers. All products are best in quality and tested by a team of fully trained Agricultural Scientists & Biotechnologist.  
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