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Pouring Life Through Research

At Centyle Biotech, we have collaborated with various research organization and their State-Of-The-Art Platform Technologies which are essential requirements for success in the field of Genomics and Molecular Biology Research. Centyle Biotech allows researchers to outsource services as tools and not be limited by Technological barriers while pursuing challenging Genomics research.

Our Genomics Services

We are providing Next Generation Sequencing services on Illumina Novaseq 6000, Ion Torrent ISeq5 & Pacbio RS II Platform. We have a team of Expert Bioinformaticians and Genomics consultants. Centyle’s  Biotech sequencing services focused on two major areas​​

Next Generation Sequencing
DNA Sequencing.png

Next Generation Sequencing Application

1. Whole Genome Sequencing

2. Whole Exome Sequencing

3. Global RNA Sequencing

4. Small RNA Sequencing

5. Metagenome Sequencing

Sanger PCR & Plasmid Sequencing

Sanger Sequencing Application

1. PCR Sequencing

2. Plasmid Sequencing

3. Primer Walking

4. Microbial Identification 

5. GMO Testing

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