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Centyle Biotech has been proving outstanding chemical synthesis and Laboratory chemicals from top brand in India. We have nearly 5 years of reputation in pharma chemicals and routine laboratory consumables supply in pan India.

Centyle Biotech have introduce plenty innovative company from overseas related to laboratory chemicals and other regular lab consumables. We are also manufacturing pre-formulation to introduce valuable product with the help of our innovative team. The team uses a unique process to pilot the client's packaging through its manufacturing system. Specifications are evolved based on clients' needs based on which a variety of synthesis solutions is generated. The efficacy of the consumables are tested simulating the consumers satisfaction. Centyle has versatile laboratories for its product lines for testing and packaging requirements. Currently we are offering range of branded product to support the research and product formulation

Laboratory Chemicals From
  • Hi-Media

  • Merk

  • CDH

  • SRL

  • Finar

  • ABGenix

  • Promega

  • Thermofisher


  • NEB

Laboratory Consumables From

  • PAL

  • 3M

  • MDI  

  • Genexy

  • G-BioScience

  • Eppendorf

  • Axygen

  • Genetix

  • BR Biochem

For trade inquiries or institutional, bulk and gifting requirements please
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