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Our Board of member are purely Industrial Biotechnologist and life science graduates. In addition to hard core scientific members, we have creative Journalist  in our Board member.

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We believes that “creating history cannot be done under one sward” Therefore we have dynamic General Body from the reputed field and world class institutions. They  are guiding the every activities of Centyle Biotech to serve quality.


The BOM consists of :

1. Members of the Board of Directors

2. Head of Departments

3. Scientific Field Officers

Mr. P K Tiwari
Business Planning and R&D Head

At the forefront of our drive in innovation and technology is Piyush K Tiwari, who leads one of our largest business sectors, Biotechnology, Agricultural and food division, and works with our R&D heads in the company to ensure that all our company products are best in quality, sync and up-to-speed with the latest developments in Biotechnology. He leads our charge in identifying the next big disruption in Biotechnologies and our investments in Agribusiness. A Industrial Biotechnologist by education with more than 3 years of industry experience, Piyush has a unique blend of scientific expertise and strong business acumen.

Mr. Tiwari serves as a Director of the Centyle Biotech and is the man behind the Centyle Strategic Innovation and Research Fund that handles the Centyle’s corporate venture capital activity. Credited for turning around the fortunes of Centyle Agribusiness, Piyush continues to multiply the global reach and impact of our Agri-Biotech offerings. His “Customer First” approach has created trends and raised the expectations of Indian farmers towards service providers in obtaining uncompromised quality with extended support in Agribusiness and Biotech services.

Mr. Shubhjeet Mandal
Plant Head, R&D and industrial Trainer

Shubhjeet leads innovation at Centyle Biotech; mentors the technical team in implementing novel fermentation strategies, organises training programs and monitors analytics services. As a Industrial Biotechnologist with more than 2 years of experience, Shubhjeet has envious domain knowledge and experience in the field of Fermentation Technology. He has had a distinction of handling many projects involving various applications of fermentation technology which includes Beverages, Microbial Biomass production, Upstream & Downstream  and Plant Tissue culturing. His cross platform expertise and programming knowledge has led to creation of various agricare and food products. Shubhjeet takes keen interest in training and has provided hands on training in Fermentation, and Plant tissue culture to more than 100 researchers from premier research institutes and R&D units.

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Mr. Bharat K Tiwari
Public Relation Officer

Bharat K Tiwari is the  Public relation & Scientific officer at Centyle Biotech. His key focus areas are organization development and idea implementation, building capabilities such as digitization and analytics, driving international growth especially in the India and other Asian subcontinent. Bharat leads with a whole-brained approach, applying his creativity - acquired from his experience as a theater artiste - and strategic expertise gleaned from this many years in this sector. Bharat’s other key focus areas include corporate communications, government relations and corporate infrastructure services. In addition to being the Head of the Aftermarket sector, he also serves as the Media head and press releases for Centyle Services, and he is also working with reputed media company.

Bharat is leading the Management and Performance Review, plus enables synergies across the Indian agricultural community. Bharat holds a Masters degree in Mass Communication & Journalism from Central University in Orissa. He also received a Bachelor's degree in Science from University of Delhi. He has been awarded with various prestigious certification since his school time, also Participated in many science conferences and seminars across all over the India and appreciated with merit.

Mahima Shandilya 
Head - Finance and Business Strategy 

 Mahima leads business  strategy initiatives, project development and operations at centyle Biotech. As a post graduate In Biotechnology with more than 1 years of Analytical instruments  industry experience. Having more than 2 year experience in microbial product handling and product  formulation expertise, Miss Shandilya adds a different analytical dimension to every projects which executed at Centyle Biotech related to Agrocare sector.

Mr. Diwakar Chaubey
Production and Supply Head

Diwakar leads research initiatives, project development and operations at centyle Biotech. As a post graduate Industrial Biotechnologist with more than 2 years of Agribusiness industry experience and having fertilizer formulation expertise, Diwakar adds a different analytical dimension to every project executed at Centyle Biotech related to Agrocare sector.

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