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Centyle Biotech pre-eminent position as leading contract research services  in the biotechnology sector is based on strong and enduring academic partnerships that has revolutionized and transformed the life science research

We create a unique chain of biotechnology research network, coupled with deep understanding of proteomics and analytical research, has built a competitive and efficient supply chain that creates and delivers immense value across the scientific network. Centyle’s analytical division is most dynamic and fastest growing division for research services. We currently focuses on proteomics and analytical services of

Proteomics Products
  • Custom Peptide Synthesis

  • Protein Sequencing

  • 2D Analysis

  • Antibody Synthesis

  • Western Blot

  • Protein Purification

  • Zymogram & SDS PAGE

Analytical Services
  • HPLC & UPLC Analysis

  • LCMS Analysis 

  • GCMS Analysis

  • Metabolomics

  • Peptide Mapping 

  • Enzyme Digestion

  • Glycane / Sugar Analysis

  • Electron Microscopy

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