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We conduct focused training programs on Agro-care products formulations & development, Biofertilizers, Chemical fertilizers production & their usage.

Currently, Centyle Biotech is offering training and on-Site workshop to enable countryman and life science graduate to fill-up the gap between education and employability.  Being a agribusiness and Biotechnology organization, we only know the value and standard of agriculture community along with situation of fresh graduates of India. Our vision is to grow with biggest community in India and abroad, which is still underdeveloped and running their life below poverty line. For that point of view Centyle is passionate about enabling farmers and students in Agro-care and Biotechnology formulations by sharing our expertise that we have acquired over years by delivering meaningful research and fulfilling the basic and advanced Agro-care support with diverse applications.

Our training includes food processing and practical introduction to high-throughput agricultural means including Biotech product development. In addition to products training, we also provide training for  Agricultural support and solutions. The courses are thoroughly designed with a well balanced mixture of lectures providing theoretical insights and practicals consisting of Biotechnological and Agricultural exercises that will enable participants to apply scientific  methods in Agricultural practices.

On-Site Training
On Site Training for Agro-care Support: Specially designed for Farmers and Person with disability

The Agriculture Training faculty of centyle Biotech has special initiative UTTHAN to trained person with disabilities. We strongly support and train them to develop a skill set in horticulture and agricultural exercise and enable them to do productive farming and can do agricultural revolution at grass root level. Initial field studies have emphasized the need for empowerment and skill set development among families of people with disabilities in agricultural subsistence. Agriculture and horticulture training provide sustainable opportunities to people in India amidst various other socio-economic problems. This novel idea takes horticultural and agricultural subsistence opportunities to the homes of people with disabilities where both – the people with disabilities and other members can work towards personal and family development.

In-house Training

Centyle is passionate about enabling farmers and layman in Advanced agricultural practices by sharing our expertise that we have acquired over years by delivering innovative and revolutionary agrocare & Biotech products for diverse applications. We believe in quadratic growth by providing social awareness of Agri-Biotechnology to the communal.

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